Wetland Signage

The Board has recently installed “Pet Waste Stations” at four entry points to our Wetland walking path.  These stations provide plastic waste bags for picking up the pet waste and trash receptacles for depositing the used bags.  They will be maintained by Windwood Landscaping Inc.  Also coming are signs that will define appropriate use of the walking paths (e.g., stay on path, pick up after pets, no motorized bikes, etc.).  These rules originate from the Wetland enabling documents of the Army Corps of Engineers, the Washington State Department of Ecology, and the City of Ferndale.  The “rules” signs are being fabricated by a local sign company and will be placed in approximately the same location as the waste stations.  Our goal is to keep the walking paths safe, clean, and attractive – and the Wetland as a whole compliant with the rules imposed on us.