Rules and Regulations Project (Update)

A news item posted to this web site on July 11, 2019 described the HOA “Rules and Regulations Project” that will develop a set of Rules and Regulations for the HOA to clarify and amplify (where necessary) the community CC&Rs and By-Laws.  That posting specified that the input from homeowners would take place during the month of August 2010.  The homeowner input period has now been changed to September 2019.  Sometime in the next several weeks, the Board members will go door-to-door in the community to deliver a detailed announcement to each and every homeowner about this very important project.  At the same time, the Board will attempt to verify and/or update contact information so that the dissemination of news is easier and more reliable in the future.  The Board seeks to ensure that community members are well informed and able to participate in the decisions and activities that affect our community.

The Board looks forward to these contacts — and to the receipt of homeowner input to the development of community Rules and Regulations.