The project to develop a residential community immediately to the east of us has been renamed by the City of Ferndale from Nubgaard to Church Hill Ranch. The following one-paragraph update on the progress of that project was acquired by the Board on February 23, 2022 from AVT Planning, who is assisting the City with planning and managing the project.
We have acquired all City, State and Federal Permits, finalized our contract with Ram, and intend to have our pre construction meeting with the City later this week or early next week.  Ram intends to start construction in the next 2 weeks.  For the first portion of the project (and really throughout most of the project) primary construction access will be from Sievers Way, not Chloe Lane.   We will stay in touch and as the work moves toward Chloe Lane and the Meadows we will let you know so you can inform your HOA members.
FYI: The reference to “Ram” in the text above is for Ram Construction General Contractors LLC, the company developing the infrastructure for the Church Hill Ranch community. The Meadows Board is working to schedule a meeting with Ram during March to learn more about the project and will pass along whatever is learned.