Community Rules and Regulations

Your Board of Directors has recently initiated a project to create a set of Rules and Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the R&R Document) in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.2 of the Association By-Laws.  The creation of an R&R document follows common practice and is a means to augment and interpret the Association CC&Rs and By-Laws in order to make them more useful and responsive to the needs of the Association.  It should be noted, however, that the R&R Document cannot override either the CC&Rs, By-Laws, or any law to which the Association is subject.  Any portion of the R&R Document that violates this restriction is, de facto, invalid.

Since the R&R Document will be relevant to all members of the Association, the Board of Directors seeks your assistance and input.  If you have an issue with either the CC&Rs or By-Laws that you think should be included in the R&R discussion or in the Document itself, please notify us through the “Send Us a Message” portal at the bottom of the home page of our Web Site (  In your message, please identify yourself as a member of the Meadows-Ferndale HOA and include contact data such as: name, address, and lot number.  This is to ensure that your input gets reported back to the correct Board by the property manager, who manages and receives correspondence from a large number of associations and properties.  Your response should also include a paragraph reference number for the CC&Rs or By-Laws and a brief discussion of your issue.  Your responses will be factored into the process of developing a draft R&R Document.  The CC&Rs and By-Laws can be found under the DOCUMENTS tab of the Association Web Site.  The Rules and Regulations option on that page is a place-holder, awaiting the product of this project.

Upon completion of the draft R&R Document by the Board of Directors, it will be distributed to all Association members for review.  Subsequent to a homeowner review period of at least 30 days, the Board will meet to consider the comments of Association members and will vote on an adoption motion.  The homeowner review period for this project is the month of August 2019.  Following the end of the review period, the Board will convene an open meeting to discuss the inputs and vote on adoption of the R&R Document.  This is expected to be completed by the end of September 2019.

To be clear on the process, please note that pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW Section 64.90) and the Meadows By-Laws (Section 6.2), Association members (homeowners) can provide input and comments, but only the Board members can actually vote on adoption of the R&R Document.  This process also applies to amending (adding, deleting, or otherwise modifying) the R&R Document at any later time.

Your Board of Directors looks forward to receiving your inputs.


Architectural Review Process Information

The Architectural Review Process has been established to facilitate the process of customizing our residential properties while maintaining community standards.  The CC&Rs and By-Laws, augmented by the ARC Charter policy, establish the standards of the process: e.g., when an ARC application is required and how to move it through the process. These documents may be found on the Community Web Site ( ).  They are intended to ensure that we collectively maintain a safe, appealing, and welcoming living environment.

The Architectural Review Process is managed by the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board of Directors through its subcommittee, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The ARC meets regularly to examine and discuss proposed projects on the second Monday of each month.  The Board and ARC members are committed to providing thorough, objective, and timely reviews.

In order to facilitate prompt and efficient reviews of all requests the ARC requests that your applications be submitted by the first Monday of each month.  This will give the committee members adequate time to preview your application in preparation for our monthly meeting and put you on track to receive approval during the same month.  The ARC Charter document on the Web Site (under General Information / HOA Policies) describes the submittal process.

When preparing the ARC Application, please include a concise description of your proposed project, as well as drawings and/or photographs of any proposed structures (storage sheds, patios, pergolas, arbors, etc.).  Include measurements and overhead drawings or images showing placement on your lot.  The more information you provide, the easier it is for the committee to arrive at a timely recommendation for approval.

All members of the ARC are owners and residents in the Meadows, and they are honored to be of service to our delightful community.  If you have questions or need some guidance prior to preparing your applications, please feel free to reach out to any of the Board or Committee members – or to the Windermere Property Manager.  Contact information is provided on the Web Site.

Thanks, and good luck with your projects!

Traffic Safety In Our Community

In response to comments at our last HOA Board meeting concerning speeding in our community, we requested the Ferndale Police Department (FPD) to deploy a speed monitoring radar trailer to collect vehicle speed data.  They put the requested trailer on Monument drive from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on the following dates:  18-19 March and 21-22 March.  The attached data file provides the results (click HERE to activate link to file).  In addition, the FPD has provided the following assessment and conclusion:

(QUOTE) The data shows the majority of vehicle traffic in your neighborhood traveling at a very reasonable rate of speed.  The average speeds were around 17 – 18 mph.  There were a few speeders but most were in the 26 – 30 mph range and with the exception of Friday, none traveling more than 31 mph.  As is typical, the speeds on Friday were slightly faster but it does not appear that the neighborhood has a speeding problem. (UNQUOTE)

These findings notwithstanding, the HOA Board of Directors will continue to monitor traffic conditions within our community and take appropriate and necessary steps to ensure the safety of our residents.  If you note a vehicle speeding or otherwise causing unsafe conditions, please contact the Ferndale Police Department, providing as much detail as possible (date, time, description of vehicle, description and location of incident, etc.).

Protection Of Our Common Areas (Revised 2 April 2019)

Most recent revisions are in italics.

It is gratifying to see so many dogs walking their owners on our walking paths through the wonderful expanse of Natural Growth Protection Areas  that surrounds our homes.  But with this privilege comes responsibility.  These areas are a joint protected development project of the Washington Department of Ecology and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Their rules state that “as a protected wetlands and nature habitat, walking is permitted only on prepared pathways and boardwalks.  No human (homeowner or otherwise) or pet of any such individual is permitted off the designated paths”.  The only exception to this rule is for the crews hired by the Corps of Engineers to conduct periodic maintenance of the areas which are not the responsibility of the Meadows-Ferndale Homeowners’ Association (e.g., paths and bridges).

We must ensure that we fulfill the “protection” role that comes with our freedom to use the area for recreation.  This means staying on the paths so as not to disturb either the natural growth or the critters that might inhabit the area.  It also means keeping all pets on leashes at all times and cleaning up after ourselves and our pets.  No littering or deposit of organic waste.  As a matter of fact, this applies equally well to all of our streets and walkways.

The Homeowners’ Board of Directors is considering the installation of waste bag dispensers and deposit containers at the walking path “trail heads”, but such a step would not be without drawbacks:  the dispensers and containers would require maintenance and upkeep.  They would incur a cost to the community and could be visually intrusive.

The “bottom line”:  please help protect and maintain our neighborhood’s common areas and ensure that they remain a valuable asset to our community and our lifestyle.

Street Lights

In the event of a street light outage in our community, you should get the pole number that is stenciled or labeled on the pole — then report the outage and pole number to Windermere Property Management through the “CONTACT” menu button on this web site.