Ferndale Outdoor Watering Restrictions

PURPOSE:  To announce the fact that The City of Ferndale is re-imposing watering restrictions for Summer 2020.

The dates of these restrictions are from June 1st through September 15th.

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Landscaping & Irrigation Proposal: Input Comments & Board Responses

The landscaping irrigation system for the Meadows community was installed only in the area of Phase 1 near the Thornton/Monument entrance. The lack of irrigation elsewhere is creating a problem for the grass and trees in the planter strips along the roads.  The Board is examining options to fix this problem and has solicited inputs from owners and residents.  This input and the resulting Board replies are provided in the linked document.

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2020 Mid-Year HOA Board Status Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the Board’s ability to have open meetings and inform the owners and residents of their activities through meeting participation and meeting minutes.

We have therefore decided to publish a 2020 mid-year status report.

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Facebook vs Website

The attached memorandum is intended to clarify the role of Facebook in our community and the relationship between Facebook and our website.

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Spraying in the Meadows

Information about what and why of the spraying in our wetlands and planter strips (between road and sidewalk).

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Message from HOA Board Re: Coping with the Coronavirus

A message from your President (no, not that one – from your HOA President)

These are difficult times for all of us, but “this too shall pass” and we will emerge victorious and stronger than ever if we follow a few simple rules.  Most of the good rules you have already heard and I’ll try not to repeat them.  Here are mine (in no particular order):

  1. Obey the guidance from our healthcare and political leaders. We may not like the guidance, but a coordinated team effort is always better than a “go it alone” effort.  This is no time for maverick behavior.
  2. Look out for each other – within the constraints of Rule #1. There are many ways to help our neighbors.  Maintain contact:  email, text, phone – even face-to-face conversation, but remember to keep your distance.  Help out where you can:  groceries, mail, yardwork, trash can positioning, etc.  There are lots of opportunities.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help or offer help.  We are a community.  I’m pleased to say that a lot of this is, in fact, happening.  Your Board is aware of many examples of neighbors “reaching out” to each other.  Keep up the good work.  This will make us stronger as a community and perhaps we can find a way to celebrate when it is all behind us.
  3. Stay informed and avoid both misinformation (mistakes) and disinformation (deliberate deceit). Unfortunately there are a lot of people in our world who are either not careful about the information they pass along or relish the idea of fomenting fear and confusion.  A case in point is the idea that some elements of the National Guard have been activated for the purpose of enforcing a proclamation of martial law.  Unequivocally not true.  Some National Guard units have been activated and federalized under US Code Title 32, which gives operational control to the states, but retains financial responsibility at the federal government level.  Their purpose is to support local authorities in other than law enforcement activities (mostly logistics).  Law enforcement by federalized military personnel is specifically banned by the Posse Comitatus Act.  Other examples include people selling magic elixirs that allegedly combat the virus – but they don’t.  Some are harmful – even deadly.  Also selling products that never arrive.  Sadly, far too many examples.  Be vigilant.
  4. Stay healthy. Try to maintain a schedule (this reportedly helps manage the anxiety that comes with “cabin fever”).    Get some sunshine.  We have a very nice walking path and the weather is trying to cooperate.

Finally, I’d like to provide copies of two recent documents distributed by the WA State Governor’s office (click on title to activate):

  1.  WA State Guidance about Essential Workers and Activities
  2.  WA State Proclamation 20-25:  Stay Home Policy

Above all:  know that we are here for each other.

Be vigilant and careful — and stay well.

Chuck Millard

HOA President


Coronavirus Comes Closer

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT  (From My Ferndale News) 

Ferndale School District (FSD) Superintendent (Dr. Linda Quinn) announced late yesterday, Sunday, March 22nd, that she had been informed about a service provider who had worked with some individual FSD students had been identified as test positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Whatcom County Health Department (WCHD) also announced late yesterday a total of 26 residents and 6 staff at the Shuksan Healthcare Center long-term care center in Bellingham and 1 resident at the Lynden Manor assisted living residence in Lynden had been identified as testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Quinn said she had received a phone call from Lummi Behavioral Health Department informing her a non-tribal Lummi Indian Business Council employee had tested positive. The service provider worked at Ferndale High School, Vista Middle School and Horizon Middle School during the week of March 9th to the 13th, Quinn said. Lummi Behavioral Health staff had contacted each student believed to have direct contact with this person during the past 14 days according to the announcement.

Be vigilant and stay healthy.

Rules & Regulations: Member Review

The Meadows-Ferndale has developed a set of Rules and Regulations (Rules) to clarify and amplify the existing CC&Rs and By-Laws.  It is being distributed to all members for review.

Further explanation and review instructions can be found at the following link:

Draft Rules for Member Review


The Board has identified two over-riding issues related to our mailboxes.

  • They are not well lit. At night (which we have a lot of during the winter months), it is difficult to see the numbers on the individual boxes and on the keys and boxes for oversized packages.  The surrounding darkness is also somewhat vexing to some.
  • They are too far from some homes. Not only is this an inconvenience, it means that the USPS will not home-deliver some packages, as they have a delivery limit of 0.5 miles from the mail box.

We have discussed this with the USPS office in Ferndale and they have indicated that they are OK with having some of the mailboxes relocated (at our expense).  The Board is now considering options for relocation and better lighting (including solar powered lights).