The attached memo hopefully clarifies the role of the HOA Board for street-related issues in The Meadows.
[You may access the memo HERE]
Bottom line: the HOA has no authority to act in cases of problems related to public/city streets. If there is a street-related problem (e.g., snow, water, storm drains, parking, speeding), the affected owner/resident should contact the city. The Board has been advised by legal counsel to not get involved with such problems.
We regret the inconveniences that occurred during the recent storm(s), but we must stay within our jurisdictional limits.

Natural Growth Protection Area Upkeep and Maintenance


A team of workers from Aqua-Terr Systems Inc (ATSI) will be working in our Native Growth Protection Areas (sometimes called “Wetlands”) for the next several weeks. ATSI is the environmental specialist that oversees our management of these areas to ensure ecological soundness and compliance with the rules laid down by the Washington Department of Ecology and the US Army Corps of Engineers (DOE/COE). Their specific tasks for this visit include:
(1) trimming the bushes along the split-rail fence lines to prevent their encroachment into the adjoining residential lots while simultaneously protecting the fence and sight lines into the native growth areas; and
(2) planting and/or relocating trees to achieve compliance with the mitigation plans mandated by DOE/COE.

If you have any questions about, or issues with, what you see them doing, please contact your board through the the following email address:

/Your Board of Directors/

Landscapt Committee Report: Planting Strips

As discussed in the OCT/FALL newsletter, the Board has empowered a committee to help determine what to do with our planting strips. These are the strips of soil between the roadways and sidewalks. They are intended for grass, trees and other decorative items. Ours are not in particularly good shape. Hence the committee.

To view the committee report, click HERE.

Since receiving the report the Board has commenced working with vendors to define final implementation The implementation plan will be provided at a later time.

Parking in the Meadows Neighborhood

This memo provides a consolidated discussion of key rules and codes that govern parking in our neighborhood. To access the memo click HERE.

Speed Monitors: Project Cancellation

The Board of Directors has cancelled the project to assess, and possibly install, speed monitoring devices on Monument Drive.

For and explanation, click HERE.

Invasive and Noxious Weed Alert

The Whatcom County Noxious Weed Control Board has issued an alert concerning Goatsrue, an invasive and noxious species of weed.

This issue is explained in a Board memo that can be accessed by clicking HERE.

The Whatcom County alert flyer can be accessed by clicking HERE.