Meeting Information

HOA Board Meetings

The next meeting of the HOA Board of Directors will be held as follows:
Date:  27 Jan 2020
Time:  6:30 – 7:30 PM
Place:  Ferndale Public Library
All Meadows-Ferndale residents and homeowners are welcome to attend Board meetings.
For more information about schedules, agendas, and minutes (of past meetings), see the links below.

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  • 20-03-30:  1Q Board Meeting Minutes (TBD)
  • 20-03-30:  1Q Board Meeting Agenda (TBD)
  • 20-03-02:  Board Meeting Minutes (TBD)
  • 20-03-02:  Board Meeting Agenda (TBD)
  • 20-01-27:  Board Meeting Minutes
  • 20-01-27:  Board Meeting Agenda


Meadows-Ferndale HOA Board Members