Please refer to the Declarations, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations for complete information.

What is the official name of our community?
The community name is The Meadows-Ferndale Community, while the association name is The Meadows-Ferndale Homeowners’ Association.

What is the speed limit on our streets?
The speed limit on all our public streets is 25 MPH and is enforced by the Ferndale Police Department. The HOA has traffic (speed and parking) enforcement jurisdiction for our private streets — but not for the public streets.

What do our Homeowner dues pay for?
The Homeowner dues pay for maintenance of the common areas, including (but not limited to) the decorative entrance from Thornton onto Monument, the grass and trees that line the streets, the street lighting, the common driveways, and the Natural Growth Protection Area (aka Wetlands) within our boundaries.

How does the Architectural Review Committee work and what activities must be reviewed by them?
The ARC process, requirements, and application form can be found in the ARC Charter document (Policy Resolution 2-2018), which is available on the Meadows-Ferndale-HOA.org web site under General Information/HOA Policies.

What are the Association Manager’s responsibilities?
Windermere Community Association Management has been hired by the Board of Directors to be the Association’s Managing Agent, or Association Manager. The responsibilities of the Association Manager include, but are not limited to, assisting in the day-to-day affairs of the Association, being the first contact for most Association issues, advising the Board and owners, and keeping the Association’s books and records.

Can I be fined for not following the Rules and Regulations?
The Board, to enforce the Regulations, is authorized by our Governing Documents to levy monetary fines. The fine schedule is documented in Board Policy Resolution 2019-04.