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News about COVID Vaccine — From Kaiser Health

FYI. I hope you find this information helpful.   Chuck Millard President, MF-HOA

Mailbox Relocation Project

The MF-HOA Board of Directors is in the process of relocating some of the neighborhood mailboxes in an effort to improve access by residents and service by the USPS. Read about it by following the link below. This memo is basically a “heads up” to prepare for the transition. More information will follow at a… Read more »

FYI: ATSI will be on-site today (Tuesday, 25 August) to conduct their fall monitoring and data collection for our Wetland areas.

Local fire districts announce burn bans

From:  My Ferndale News on JULY 23, 2020 AT 2:06 PM Officials with the Whatcom County Fire Marshal’s Office announced today due to the warm weather conditions ahead and decreasing fuel moisture levels they will be enacting restrictions on open burning throughout unincorporated Whatcom County starting at 8 am on Monday, July 27th. Officials with… Read more »

Graffiti on Meadows Entry Sign

Someone has spray-painted some obscene graffiti on the “Meadows” sign at the entry to our community from Thornton Road onto Monument Drive. This act of vandalism has been reported to the Ferndale Police Department. They have advised us that there was a similar incident on Church Road. We are researching was to remove the graffiti… Read more »

Wetland Easements vs Trails

We have two types of rocky or graveled areas in our wetlands.  One type is for the walking path. These are for our use and enjoyment. The other type is not for our use.  They are access and maintenance easements for the OFFICIAL USE ONLY of maintenance crews and other officials who may need access… Read more »

WA Sec of Health Face Mask Proclamation

The Washington State Secretary of Health has issued a proclamation explaining and clarifying the requirements for face coverings. To see the proclamation, click HERE.

Survey of Split-Rail Fence(s)

On Friday, 26 June 2020 representatives of  Windwood Landscape Inc. will be surveying our split-rail fences in order to help us develop a plan for maintenance and repair.  They should not require access to your lots, but will be walking along the fenceline just inside the wetland areas. If you have any problems or reservations… Read more »

Wetland Maintenance

FOR YOUR INFORMATION A team of workers from Squalicum Mountain Ecological Restoration, the company that maintains our wetland areas, will be on-site starting Friday, June 12th.  Given how much growth we’ve had over the last few weeks, they expect to be working for 4-5 full days. Let’s hope they have good weather.

ARC Requirements and Application

The link below is to a document with a reminder of the need to submit an application to the Architectural Review Committee for certain changes or improvements to your lot or house exterior.  The document provides specific guidance for the ARC requirements or references to where they can be found. The process is simple and… Read more »

Ferndale Outdoor Watering Restrictions

PURPOSE:  To announce the fact that The City of Ferndale is re-imposing watering restrictions for Summer 2020. The dates of these restrictions are from June 1st through September 15th. To view this document, click HERE.

Landscaping & Irrigation Proposal: Input Comments & Board Responses

The landscaping irrigation system for the Meadows community was installed only in the area of Phase 1 near the Thornton/Monument entrance. The lack of irrigation elsewhere is creating a problem for the grass and trees in the planter strips along the roads.  The Board is examining options to fix this problem and has solicited inputs… Read more »

2020 Mid-Year HOA Board Status Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the Board’s ability to have open meetings and inform the owners and residents of their activities through meeting participation and meeting minutes. We have therefore decided to publish a 2020 mid-year status report. To view the report, click HERE.

Facebook vs Website

The attached memorandum is intended to clarify the role of Facebook in our community and the relationship between Facebook and our website. To view this document, click HERE.

Spraying in the Meadows

Information about what and why of the spraying in our wetlands and planter strips (between road and sidewalk). To view this document, click HERE.