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Friberg Project

General Information 22-03-05 First Notice Public Hearing(s) 23-02-15 Public Hearing


The City of Ferndale (COF) right-of-way for public streets through our neighborhood is measured 30 feet in both directions (right and left) from the street centerline. This includes the curbs, the planting strips and the sidewalks. The HOA responsibilities within the COF right-of-way were unclear, so the Board of Directors engaged a COF Public Works… Read more »

Bicycles on the Trail System

The attached memo is intended to clarify the issues surrounding the use of bicycles on our trail system. To view the memo, click HERE. The short version: the Board made a mistake about whether bicycles are allowed on the trail: non-motorized bicycles ARE allowed. We apologize for our error and the confusion it may have… Read more »

Planting Strip Maintenance and Renovation

The attached memo is provided to inform you of the status of Planting Strip maintenance and renovation in The Meadows. To view the memo, click HERE. We hope it is helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please send them via the HOA email.

Revised Board Meeting Schedule

The Board has changed its bi-monthly meeting days from the third Monday of every other month to the fourth Monday of every other month. For more information about this change, click HERE.

ARC Process

With the coming of spring and (soon) summer, we expect a surge in applications to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Please remember that most additions and changes to the external features of lots and houses are subject to review by the ARC. The vast majority of changes will be minor and therefore summarily approved, but… Read more »

Friberg Annexation

The City of Ferndale is considering the annexation of 110 acres (11 parcels) of land across Thornton Avenue from our Meadows Community. This property will be zoned for residential and (potentially) small business development. What we know about this project at this time is provided in our report, which may be accessed HERE.

Thornton Heights Residential Development

The Board recently received a “Notice of Development” from the City of Ferndale (COF). The development is called Thornton Heights and is on the south side of Thornton Road between Pacific Heights Drive and the Eagle Ridge Elementary School — just east of the access road to Bender Park and the water tank. The parcel… Read more »

Beavers in the Meadows

Over the past several months there have been numerous sightings of beavers and beaver damage in our Native Growth/Wetland areas. The Board has studied the issue extensively and would like to share our findings via the linked Information Sheet. To view the Information Sheet, click HERE.


The project to develop a residential community immediately to the east of us has been renamed by the City of Ferndale from Nubgaard to Church Hill Ranch. The following one-paragraph update on the progress of that project was acquired by the Board on February 23, 2022 from AVT Planning, who is assisting the City with planning and managing… Read more »

Resumption of Open Board Meetings by Video Teleconference (VTC)

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we will resume open Board meetings, but they will be bi-monthly (rather than monthly) and will be hosted in Zoom™ VTC rather than in the Library Meeting Room For details, click HERE.

Salt, IceMelt, and other De-Icing Agents

The following information was adapted from an article by KATU-2, the ABC affiliate in Portland, Oregon. The late December and early January snowstorms prompted the wide-spread use of de-icing agents. A commonly used term for such agents is “Ice Melt” which actually denotes a family of chemical products. These products can be a quick fix… Read more »


The attached memo hopefully clarifies the role of the HOA Board for street-related issues in The Meadows. [You may access the memo HERE] Bottom line: the HOA has no authority to act in cases of problems related to public/city streets. If there is a street-related problem (e.g., snow, water, storm drains, parking, speeding), the affected… Read more »