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Parking in the Meadows Neighborhood

This memo provides a consolidated discussion of key rules and codes that govern parking in our neighborhood. To access the memo click HERE.

Board Meeting August 23rd: Cancellation

The Board has cancelled the open forum meeting that was scheduled for August 23rd in the Ferndale Public Library. For an explanation, click HERE.

Speed Monitors: Project Cancellation

The Board of Directors has cancelled the project to assess, and possibly install, speed monitoring devices on Monument Drive. For and explanation, click HERE.

Tree Watering Bags

The tree watering bags for the trees along our streets do not need to be full.  For an explanation, click HERE.

Invasive and Noxious Weed Alert

The Whatcom County Noxious Weed Control Board has issued an alert concerning Goatsrue, an invasive and noxious species of weed. This issue is explained in a Board memo that can be accessed by clicking HERE. The Whatcom County alert flyer can be accessed by clicking HERE.


The community Newsletter for the 3rd Quarter of 2021 (summer) can be accessed by clicking HERE.


The Meadows-Ferndale Board of Directors will resume in-person Board meetings on August 23, 2021. Details are in the memo that can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Proper Management of Pets

There have been several recent incidents of improper management of pets. A memorandum on this topic can be accessed HERE.

Whatcom County Burn Ban

A memo on this topic has been posted and may be viewed by clicking HERE.

Eco-Friendly Herbicides

A memo on this subject has been posted and may be views by clicking HERE.

Ferndale Water Conservation Schedule for 2021

Ferndale’s mandatory water conservation program for 2021. Effective June 1 — September 15. Outdoor watering and irrigation shall be limited to every other day, with even-numbered addresses irrigating only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and odd-numbered addresses irrigating only on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. No outdoor watering or irrigation is authorized on Monday. Outdoor watering… Read more »

Whatcom County News Re: Solicitors

The following article recently ran in the Whatcom County News under the title: What to know when a salesperson knocks on your door in Whatcom County 210610 Solicitors-X