Category: Common Area Maintenance

Landscapt Committee Report: Planting Strips

As discussed in the OCT/FALL newsletter, the Board has empowered a committee to help determine what to do with our planting strips. These are the strips of soil between the roadways and sidewalks. They are intended for grass, trees and other decorative items. Ours are not in particularly good shape. Hence the committee. To view… Read more »

Tree Watering Bags

The tree watering bags for the trees along our streets do not need to be full.  For an explanation, click HERE.

Graffiti on Meadows Entry Sign

Someone has spray-painted some obscene graffiti on the “Meadows” sign at the entry to our community from Thornton Road onto Monument Drive. This act of vandalism has been reported to the Ferndale Police Department. They have advised us that there was a similar incident on Church Road. We are researching was to remove the graffiti… Read more »

Landscaping & Irrigation Proposal: Input Comments & Board Responses

The landscaping irrigation system for the Meadows community was installed only in the area of Phase 1 near the Thornton/Monument entrance. The lack of irrigation elsewhere is creating a problem for the grass and trees in the planter strips along the roads.  The Board is examining options to fix this problem and has solicited inputs… Read more »

Protection Of Our Common Areas (Revised 2 April 2019)

Most recent revisions are in italics. It is gratifying to see so many dogs walking their owners on our walking paths through the wonderful expanse of Natural Growth Protection Areas  that surrounds our homes.  But with this privilege comes responsibility.  These areas are a joint protected development project of the Washington Department of Ecology and… Read more »