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2020 Mid-Year HOA Board Status Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the Board’s ability to have open meetings and inform the owners and residents of their activities through meeting participation and meeting minutes. We have therefore decided to publish a 2020 mid-year status report. To view the report, click HERE.

Facebook vs Website

The attached memorandum is intended to clarify the role of Facebook in our community and the relationship between Facebook and our website. To view this document, click HERE.

Messages from Your Board of Directors

1.  Common Area Landscaping and Irrigation. To read this message, click HERE. 2.  Preservation of Life in Our Wetlands To read this message, click HERE.

Message from HOA Board Re: Coping with the Coronavirus

A message from your President (no, not that one – from your HOA President) These are difficult times for all of us, but “this too shall pass” and we will emerge victorious and stronger than ever if we follow a few simple rules.  Most of the good rules you have already heard and I’ll try… Read more »


The Meadows-Ferndale Board of Directors has recently announced, via a mailing (both USPS and email) by Windermere Property Management, information related to the following topics:  Rules and Regulations Project (homeowner response requested) Penalty/Fine Schedule (See Resolution 4-2019 under “HOA Policies”) Playground (“Tot Lot”) Recommendation (homeowner response requested) The complete announcement can be found by opening… Read more »

Reply to Facebook Posting

The link below is to a document which contains a Facebook posting from one of our Meadows homeowners – and a paragraph-by-paragraph response from your Board of Directors (aka Board). It is clear that Facebook has gained some traction as a means of communication for our residents. We (the Board) need to point out, however,… Read more »