Board, Committees, & Contracts

Board of Directors 

The Board is seeking volunteers to fill the vacancy noted below.

  • President/Treasurer:  Chuck Millard (since January 28, 2019; current term ends at AGM 2023)
  • Vice President:  David Hall. Appointment effective 230411.
  • Secretary:  Winston McBride. Appointment effective 230101.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

NOTE: Please submit ARC applications to the Board of Directors using the email address and link shown at the bottom of the home page for this website.

  • Chairperson:  Dan O’Steen
  • Members(s):
    • Rick Horsman
    • Dan Morgan
  • Board Liaison: Chris Chappell

Landscape Committee

  • Charter: Click HERE
  • Chairperson:  Ann Lesan
  • Members(s):
    • Erin Sherfy
    • TBD
  • Board Liaison: Chris Chappell

Neighborhood Project Support Committee

  • Charter: Click HERE
  • Chairperson:  TBD
  • Members(s):
    • David Hall
    • Kathy Healey
  • Board Liaison: Chris Chappell

Key Contracts

  • Landscaping and Common Area Maintenance: 220801-F-MF-TYM
  • Aqua-Terr Systems Inc (ATSI)